How It Works

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Spotting online threats before anyone can

Perfect Detection. Complete Scope. Powered by AI.
Brandefender can scan billions of domains per day and detect any impersonating, malicious, phishing or defamatory domains and websites with utmost precision.
Brandefender incorporates powerful AI at scale and provides perfect detection using our proprietary Advanced Deep Content Inspection.

Specific, relevant and actionable threat intelligence

Deep Access. Wide Coverage. Proactive Measures.
Brandefender secretly inhabits threat actor communities, being able to provide actionable, specific alerts related to the target organization. 
Brandefender’s vast darknet coverage relies on a robust array of automatic sensors which provide military-grade intelligence on the intentions and capabilities of attackers targeting you. It automatically compiles a list of clear and actionable alerts that feed your security team with significant and relevant indications of compromise.
Brandefender also analyzes your attack surface and suggests simple-to-follow response measures.
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Tracking threat actors across attack vectors

Persistent monitoring. Automatic insights.
Brandefender creates a unique proprietary fingerprint for every attack infrastructure and for every actor, which helps us discover other assets that derive from the same entity.
Brandefender creates digital fingerprints based on dozens of parameters to identify them and make parallels the human eye might overlook. 
Brandefender can link separate attacks to the same threat actor.  These capabilities allow us to determine whether these attackers belong to a group, where are they from, and what are their motivations.  

Stop Future Attacks.
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