Proactive Defense

How do you stop a cyber-attack on its launching pad? At Brandefender, we developed a methodology that keeps cybercriminals away from your network. This methodology stands on four pillars that we have coined “the Four D’s,” each of them critical for successfully evading the threat – Detect, Define, Disrupt and Defend



The first task is to detect any signs that your organization is being targeted. This step often proves to be the most difficult and resource dependent due to the fact that attackers are becoming more sophisticated and evasive, as well as their growing numbers.

Automating the detection and classification process is required in order to scan billions of possible threats quickly and can prove to be incredibly challenging technologically. The key is to minimize false positives to near-zero. Brandefender has developed a method to overcome these challenges that provides unprecedented detection capabilities, with no false positives.

Detecting threats at scale, speed, and precision is a fundamental layer of your cybersecurity strategy.


Knowing the "who" is targeting you is as important as knowing the "if" and "when" they plan to attack.  Attribution is one of the most complex areas of cybersecurity. In many cases, incident response and forensic teams take weeks to months to attribute just one incident, leaving the identity of who is responsible as an open question. Identifying the threat actor is crucial for assessing the compromise, the level of risk, and the motives of the attacker.

Brandefender’s proprietary Actor Fingerprinting capability helps evaluate the level of risk posed by the actor, which TTP you would expect them to employ,  and therefore what is the right response.


We believe that disrupting an attack in its earliest preparation stages, when the attacker
is not as heavily invested yet, can easily repel them so that they move on.

You can disrupt these attacks by early detection and systematic takedown of any lookalike
domains and websites by blocking spear phishing domains before the first email is sent.

When an attacker is fingerprinted, with our swift detection process, they will experience
a precipitous loss of their assets before they have the chance to use them,
which can be very discouraging.  


Cyber threat intelligence is useless if you can’t use it to respond to the threat.

Every attack indication detected, any data breached, and any actor identified should have a set of recommendations tailored specifically for the known attackers and their associated TTPs. 

By integrating these remediation steps into your SIEM, you can automate your response, and when a severe threat is detected, our special operations team can be deployed to extract more information and take legal proactive measures.

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