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Online Threats

Brandefender profiles risky domains and can detect the threat they impose to the organization. Whether it is a phishing campaign, an actor impersonating the customer’s brand, selling their product without authorization, hate speech or a negative campaign, and more.

Scans are performed on a frequent basis continuously feeding the customer with findings that are relevant to their requirements. All the pertinent information about the malicious domain or any other findings are displayed within Brandefender’s user friendly UI. SOC Analysts can see information such as registrar and hosting details, a screenshot of the website, rules violated, and various OSINT data.

In addition, the client can initiate a takedown process with a single click of a button and monitor the whole process through the portal.

Email Impersonation

The most common tactic in cyber-attacks, fraud, and scams is email impersonation. These attacks leverage human errors to the advantage of the attacker. Passive defenses cannot always block an incoming email and attackers find more and more ways to evade them.

Moreover, impersonating emails can be sent to suppliers, customers, or 3rd party services to defraud and attack them. Brandefender detects these email addresses before they are used, takes them down, and helps you block them on time.

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Attack Indications 

Brandefender provides relevant and actionable threat intelligence by having a deep presence in the hackers’ habitat. This presence is based on years of accumulated efforts establishing confidence and dealing with sophisticated identity verification mechanisms employed by hackers.

Brandefender’s array of proactive deep and dark web sensors is looking for threats directed at the client. Our threat intelligence is proactive and automated.

Brandefender does not flood the user with “Indications of Compromise” (IOC’s) which do not relate specifically to the client. Instead, it gives the client a clear general picture of the relevant threat landscape, highlights direct threats, and provides simple remediation recommendations.

Breached & Leaked Data 

Brandefender’s deep and dark web coverage detects breached credentials of the customer’s employees being traded, shared or just mentioned by bad actors. 

Breached employee data can quickly lead to a cyber-attack if they use their work email address or recycle their passwords. Leaked phone numbers can be used by hackers to overcome 2FA or find other attack vectors through mobile endpoints. 

Breached data coverage includes:
  • Exposed email addresses and other PII (Private Identifying Information)
  • Weak passwords used across the customer’s organization 
  • Recent employees targeted
  • Stolen files, open repositories and other data leaks 
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Exposed assets

With Brandefender, you get the attacker's point of view of your organization. 
Which information or access is being traded and what are the visible entry
points into your organization? 

Which of your online infrastructure is unsupported or unpatched?

Which employees use their work accounts to log in to different services and
who got their credentials stolen?

Brandefender lays out your obvious attack surface vulnerabilities
and their remediations.

Enforcement & Response

Brandefender employs an efficient, automated domain takedown process based on best practices and a vast network of operational connections. At a click of a button, Brandefender generates an automatic takedown process that escalates to different hierarchies of internet governance and can also employ law enforcement authorities, if needed.

This means that the takedown is as quick and comprehensive as possible (usually between 24-48 hours). Coupled with Brandefender’s strong early detection, this makes opening impersonation pages unworthwhile and costly effort for the perpetrators.

All that, alongside a rich list of 3rd party integrations with customer’s existing security controls and monitoring, will help in automating the actions needed for each finding.

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